For a more united Europe, stronger, more sovereign and more democratic

Nobody could venture that when the thirty-fifth anniversary of the incorporation into the then European Communities of the two Iberian nations, Spain and Portugal, was reached, we Europeans would be in the current situation.

It is certain that the teacher Mario Benedetti warned us of the fragility of our convictions and the permanence of our certainties, because "when we believed that we had all the answers, all the questions suddenly changed". The coronavirus pandemic has shaken us individually and collectively, has pulverized our assurances and presumptions, has exiled us from our comfort zones, and suddenly places us perplexed, frightened and shivering before an abyss populated by darkness and disturbing noises.


In our confusion, we managed to anticipate that nothing will be as it was before. That the paradigm shifts were already outlined or begun on our planet before this crisis and that they will accelerate rapidly. But above all, new realities, unforeseen and unforeseen, filled with threats but also carriers of opportunities, will unfold before our astonished eyes.




What can and must we, the Europeans, do, and specifically Portuguese and Spanish communitites, in the face of the devastating impact that the meteorite of the crisis will operate on our daily lives, interpersonal relations, productive fabric, societies and institutions, and even our democracies? The only thing we cannot afford is to remain passive, indecisive, or defensive, let alone content ourselves with being mere marginal observers or irrelevant actors in shaping the new world order.


We must therefore position ourselves clearly with our voice, autonomy, momentum, character and leading role in the emerging new normality. Europe and its civilizing model must shine with their own light and become the best world reference for coexistence in freedom, progress, prosperity, solidarity and security. The time has come for Europe to take the reins of its destiny into its hands and becomes what its history, culture and spirit demand; the best place to live and develop a vital project.



For this, Europe will have to position itself in the face of the determining geopolitical reality of the 21st century: the rivalry for world hegemony between the United States and China, which will probably extend to all areas and will fester to unsuspected and dangerous limits.



Likewise, we Europeans are called to offer an alternative international architecture to the end of cooperative multilateralism, that is not its substitution for a competitive multipolarity between powers guided by power policies and the recourse of force. That is, to design a renewed normative, operative, effective and solidary multilateralism, based on the force of law and not on the law of force.



Europe will have to debate in depth and propose a new type of regulated globalization, which will correct excesses and channel anarchy from the pure play of market forces. A more balanced, equitable and humanitarian globalization.


And first of all, we Europeans must act in agreement to emerge at the forefront of the deep crisis caused by the coronavirus. This will undoubtedly require us to adjust intelligently to the reality principle, which reminds us that we are a union of sovereign countries and peoples. And that both actors, states and citizens, must be taken into account when making decisions.



Banishing once and for all the false debates and sterile disputes between federalists, confederates or utilitarians. Recognizing that the objective capacities and the national commitment to the European construction project are different. Naturally admitting that to advance with a firm step on the path of European integration we must reflect these objective differences in reforms of the deliberative and execution processes as well as in the establishment of variable geometries and speeds. We cannot move forward at the pace of the least committed or most reticent towards Europe.




These and many other reforms of the European project, essential for Europe not to lose its footing in the new world paradigm, will require rethinking our European adventure with realism and ambition. For what the competition of the best minds, the most clear judgments, the most contrasted experiences and the most willing spirits of our Iberian geography will be needed. This is the purpose of launching this "Destination Europe" Manifesto, the continuity of which is expressed in a digital platform open to all winds, welcoming all opinions, and grateful in advance for all contributions. To this exciting Enterprise we call on those who feel challenged by history and their conscience.

As of June 12, 2020.